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The Centre started its activity in 1947 under the name Sports Centre of the State Physical Education and Military Training Office (PUWF and PW).

In the years: from 1948 to 1950 its name was the Training Base of the Provincial Physical Culture Committee in Olsztyn. From 1951, as the Sports Training Centre of the Main Committee for Physical Culture, it was subordinate directly to the Staff Training Board of the Main Committee for Physical Culture, and from 1958, following the establishment of the Main Committee for Physical Culture and Tourism, it was subordinate to the Physical Education Department of the Main Committee for Physical Culture and Tourism. On January 1, 1967 it was transferred to the Sports Event Company (PIS), still as the GKKF Sports Training Center.

On January 1, 1970 it became part of the organizational structures of the Central Sports, Tourism and Recreation Center (COSTiW) as its branch. In 1975 COSTiW was renamed to Central Sports Centre - Giżycko Branch.

In this form it functioned until 2004. On 1st March 2004, in place of the liquidated branch, the "COS Centre in Giżycko" was established. Since 1 January 2011 the Centre has been operating under the name: Central Sports Centre - Olympic Preparations Centre in Giżycko.

In 2012 we opened a modern sports hall with administrative and rehabilitation facilities, which was co-financed by the Ministry of Sport and Tourism from the Fund for Physical Culture Development.

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