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About us
The Central Sports and Leisure Centre - The Olympic Preparation Centre occupies the surface of 26 hectares, including 12 hectares of forest. It directly touches the shores of the Kisajno Lake, where the coastline is around 1 kilometer long. Sport dormitories, a sports hall that possesses professional equipment, provides you with unlimited opportunities when it comes to various kinds of sports and leisure events.

We offer accommodation for 243 people in single, double and triple rooms.

Besides, the facilities the guests have at their disposal are as follows:

  • a multifunctional sports hall with audience (54x30x13,5 m) including:
  • 3 volleyball pitches
  • 1 handball pitch
  • 2 basketball pitches
  • training hall with Mixed Martial Arts equipment (wrestling, judo, karate mat, boxing ring)
  • weightlifting bridge
  • climbing wall
  • fitness hall
  • conference and training halls
  • Rehabilitation and Biological Regeneration Centre
  • yacht harbor
  • water equipment rental
  • tennis court
  • spacious place for a bonfire
  • a restaurant overviewing the lake
  • a beach with guarded swimming area (three 50-metre lanes)
  • playground for children


For more information please go to:
www.gizycko.cos.pl or contact our Sports Centre Dormitory:

tel. 87 44 17 100
e-mail: recepcja.gizycko@cos.pl

About us their training in natural conditions.
We heartily invite you to come and take advantage of many opportunities we offer at Our Olimpic Preparation Center.

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